Thursday, October 22, 2015

A quick trip to Norfolk

So for Corbin's 5th birthday, Bons and I went up to Norfolk to visit for the day!  His party was going to be on Monday but I had to work so we just went up the Sunday before to celebrate him and help them get ready for the party!  Of course we got to do other things too, like take selfies with anyone that would tolerate it:

Josh and I went for a walk while they rode bikes:

Dressed them up in fun costumes:

Photo-bombed said cute costumes picture:
Opened presents:

And played endlessly with Paw Patrol and/or Planes and/or trucks:

Though short and sweet, we enjoyed every minute of time spent with these cuties!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Corbin's 5th Birthday

It's official, my once little nephew has turned a whole hand's worth old.  How is that even possible?  I have no idea, but it happened and it happened almost a month ago now!  In turn fashion, I got the honor of doing most of the planning for his birthday party, which started with designing the invite:

Corbin wanted a Miles from Tomorrowland party.  Well interestingly enough, they don't sell that stuff ANYWHERE and in fact, it is hard to even find space stuff at the local party stores, Party City, get with it!  So I did the best I could while scouring the internet for other ideas and borrowing imagines and ideas from various sites (thanks in part to Disney's free party ideas and printables).  We were able to make a cute, though somewhat understated party.  I actually would not be able to be there for the actual party since it was on Columbus Day and I had to work, but I hear it was a hit.  At any rate, I captured a few pictures (sorry the lighting was not great) before I headed out of town...

Happy Birthday Banner!

Party Favor in the form of "Moon" rock candy

Thanks for coming to my Blastastic Birthday!

Colorful plates and cups!

Pin the tail on Merc!

Space Glo sticks!

This was the card I got for him that doubled as a centerpiece!

So Corbin's one request was a pinata, who knows why, but we searched all over for a Miles or space themed one and you just can't find them.  So the day before the party, Tiffany headed to party city and located a Buzz Lightyear one, she handed it off to me and I added a cute Miles print-out, some blue streamers and viola, Buzz no more!  I think Corbin loved it!

 Word art that we hung up on the doors.
I failed to get a picture of the planets such that I hung on some yarn from the windows, to add to the space them.  Overall, it was a fun party and I think the little guy liked it!  Stay tuned for some nephew pictures, hopefully tomorrow!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Motorcycles, Garlic, and Camels

What do all these things have in common?  Well I am still trying to figure that out myself, but within about a 48 hour time span, I was able to experience them all!  Talk about fun and adventure...

Andy got a new bike, which obviously means I want my picture on it!  Don't worry I am not gonna attempt to ride it, the gear shift is like by your leg, so even if I could ride a normal motorcycle (which I can't), this would be an added level of expertise that I am not prepared for!

No worries though, this dude is a pro at driving the sucker, just look how happy he looks:

There was a dinner with the Bons and CJ:

Then the next day CJ and I went to our furthest away festival, the Garlic Festival at Rebec Vineyards in Amherst!  The drive out was beautiful:

And because what wine festival is not complete without a petting zoo (OBVIOUSLY), I got to fed a goat and...

Camel!  Well hello there new friend!  Apparently camels love carrots--who knew?

Camel Selfie:

Then because why not:  Here is what I would look like as a garlic bulb:

And CJ:

On the way back we stopped in at Bold Rock for some of their new IPA and ran into these newlywed's:
Hi Courtney and Scott!

Interestingly enough, exactly a year ago, we were also at Bold Rock (that time with Kathryn) en route to Aubrey's wedding, so it was fun to re-live the tradition a year later:

Our wine glass souvenir:  It's Chic to Reek (apparently)

Not to be completely outdone, we stopped by to pick up pumpkins on the way back into town.

What a fun start to October!  Stay tuned for some nephew pictures come up....

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Brother!

Today my little brother turns 29, in one year he will join the 30's club and that to me in completely insane.  How and when did he grow up?  I mean I feel like it is obvious when I look at this sweet little innocent kiddo, gap tooth and all:

Who is now not so recognizable as this fellow here (check out that orthodontic work):

But it is still impossible for me to think this little boy that let me dress him up in costumes, tutus, and apparently robes is on the brink of being in his 30s!  Where did the time go?

Andy, I am so thankful for you in my life, the constant smile:

your sense of style and "I am who I am and like me for that" attitude is one of the reasons I could not hand pick a better brother!

You care about your family

You keep it classy all the time:

 And even have a great sense of humor:

Though you are constantly busy and rarely have free time, you make time for those you care most about:

You are creative and gracious,

and you are the only person that could get so excited over gloves for Christmas (or socks, t shirts or underwear)!

You have a great attitude toward life and we are all so blessed to have you as part of our family...

You will always be the fun uncle, mainly cause you are their only uncle, but also cause you are fun!

 So most of all, this birthday year, thanks most of all for being YOU!

Cause I would not have it any other way!  Hope the last year of your twenties is the best year yet!