Friday, October 16, 2015

Motorcycles, Garlic, and Camels

What do all these things have in common?  Well I am still trying to figure that out myself, but within about a 48 hour time span, I was able to experience them all!  Talk about fun and adventure...

Andy got a new bike, which obviously means I want my picture on it!  Don't worry I am not gonna attempt to ride it, the gear shift is like by your leg, so even if I could ride a normal motorcycle (which I can't), this would be an added level of expertise that I am not prepared for!

No worries though, this dude is a pro at driving the sucker, just look how happy he looks:

There was a dinner with the Bons and CJ:

Then the next day CJ and I went to our furthest away festival, the Garlic Festival at Rebec Vineyards in Amherst!  The drive out was beautiful:

And because what wine festival is not complete without a petting zoo (OBVIOUSLY), I got to fed a goat and...

Camel!  Well hello there new friend!  Apparently camels love carrots--who knew?

Camel Selfie:

Then because why not:  Here is what I would look like as a garlic bulb:

And CJ:

On the way back we stopped in at Bold Rock for some of their new IPA and ran into these newlywed's:
Hi Courtney and Scott!

Interestingly enough, exactly a year ago, we were also at Bold Rock (that time with Kathryn) en route to Aubrey's wedding, so it was fun to re-live the tradition a year later:

Our wine glass souvenir:  It's Chic to Reek (apparently)

Not to be completely outdone, we stopped by to pick up pumpkins on the way back into town.

What a fun start to October!  Stay tuned for some nephew pictures come up....

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