Friday, October 2, 2015

September happenings

So you may already know that much of my September was spent traveling to New England, but that does not mean there was any lack of things to do in and around the Richmond area too!  

The first weekend back in town from yet another epic Road Trip, it was off to Williamsburg for the night for our friend's Courtney & Scott's wedding (and maybe a touch of outlet shopping too): 

Then, I found the little twins some adorable Halloween/Dress Up costumes and although I did not get to see them for myself, I got a couple of sweet pictures from my sister and since there have been a serious lack of twining happening here lately, I'm including them: 

Then Kristi, Bethany and I hit up the St. Benedict's Oktoberfest in mid-September to take advantage of the jumbo Bavarian pretzels:

And some dancing, obviously:

Also ran into this handsome fellow there (Hey Bro!):

Not to be outdone, Anna wanted a front yard picnic/cocktail time for her birthday celebration and we were oh so happy to oblige:

Hmmm, what could that me?  I told her it was a coffee table book (she didn't believe me):

Anna sporting her brand new carry-on suitcase for whatever next adventure awaits her...

And because, why not?  Let's do some Wolfpack photo ops:
Birthday Normal!

Birthday Silly

Bike Race Photo

Kathryn came into town on a random Tuesday, so we could go to the book launch party for the Petersik's new book, Loveable, Liveable Home.  Do yourself a favor and buy it, it's awesome!

Then Anna and I, in turn tradition, celebrated her birthday with Mexican and margaritas and once again needed to "hang out" before driving home!

Since Kathryn moved to Charlottesville this summer, I have yet to be able to go visit her, but that all changed last weekend, when CJ and I got up early on Saturday to head down for a morning in Wahoo town, please note the Hokie shirt below:

Farmers Market Fun


Fun in the cupcake shop!

Meeting Roscoe!

Even though Tom had to work, we left some cupcakes for him!
Then it was back to Richmond to celebrate Ms. Bethany's 2nd birthday and Kristi outdid herself with the party decorations--I loved them all!

me and the birthday girl

Lila, Patrick and the Birthday Girl

Curious Bethany!
My favorite part of the whole party was when we were singing Happy Birthday to her and her face just lite up with excitement when she realized we were singing for her....

..then turned to a wicked scowl when we stopped, it was literally the cutest thing ever:

She loved the cupcakes:

Kristi, Lila (monkeying around) and me!

Curious George and the "man" in the yellow hat outfits!

Family Photo
All in all, September has been a great month!  Though I generally love October, so far I am not impressed with October 2015 and all the rain!  Try to stay dry and let me know what you are gonna be for Halloween? :)

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