Monday, November 23, 2015

Halloween, Oysters and the Newsies

It seems only fitting now that we are almost a full month past Halloween to catch up on it!  In all honesty, I changed my google password and could not remember it, so every time my pictures went to back up, they just didn't back up.  But problem solved, I just reset that sucker and we are back in business.   So that is the short of the delay on blogs, because really, what fun are blogs without the pictures??

So back to the topic(s) at hand, first up Halloween!  Kristi so generously had us over for dinner and games and some trick-or-treating with little miss Snow White!  

Selfie Stick for the win!

Katniss and Snow White

Rosie the Riveter and Snow White

Babydoll Lila and Katniss CJ
 Next up, months ago, Anna, CJ and I got tickets to see the Newsies at Altria.  The date finally came around and off to the theater we went!  The play was good for what it was, but definitely not one of my favorites!

Then on a beautiful Friday, CJ and I took the day off work and traveled with Kristi and Bethany to Urbanna for the legendary Urbanna Oyster Festival, despite the fact that 2/3rds of us did not like Oysters!

It was a beautiful day weather-wise and it was packed!  I definitely enjoyed walking around and seeing the town and taking in everything that was happening, such as:
Surfing Oysters

Oyster Shells....
 We made sure to grab a few cute photos and even managed to run into these crazy kids....


Also CJ found her most favorite glass of wine ever!

We obviously found all the possible cardboard cut-outs to get our picture in!

And even managed to find a person dressed as an oyster!

All in all, a successful and fun last few weeks!  Stay tuned for more photo unloads and no doubt there will be some nephew appearances in there!

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