Monday, November 2, 2015

October Musings

I know, its been awhile, but I wanted everyone to have plenty of time to bask in the cuteness that is those nephews.  Plus, and I don't know how this always happens, but October was a busy month, not unlike September or August or July (you get where I am going).  And guess what?  It is already November, how did that happen?

Well let's get to it then shall we?  CJ and I met up with Anna at the Richmond Oktoberfest.  There are not too many festivals in the #yearofthefestivals that I feel I need to do again, however, this one might make the list--beer, dancing, pretzels, dancing, stein holding contests, dancing....need I go on?

Guten Tag!

Stein Holding Contest

Continuing on the tradition, CJ and I went to the Midlothian Fall Festival on one beautiful Saturday...

We ran into this cutie (well we planned to run into him as we told his mom and dad we would be there and they should come join us).

Then a couple of weekends ago, Keith and Kaitlyn got married, so it was nice to spend time with the family for yet another wedding this year!
me and the Bons

who is that adorable groomsmen in the middle?

Cassie and Andy

the beautiful bride and groom

Family shot with Maggie!

This might be the best part of the night, Andy used his stretch arm-strong to snap a family selfie, only everyone wanted to be in it, so what started as 6, soon became.....
 7, then.....
 11, and finally....

 13!  How is that for an epic selfie?

Andy and Cassie

Cassie and me

Cousin love!

All in all, October has been a fun month with lots of beautiful weather, changing trees and maybe even a trip to Blacksburg (stay tuned for that later).....

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