Monday, December 28, 2015

Adventures in Glass Blowing

Ahhh a long awaited post!  So part of the problem with being able to post this earlier is that a direct result of this adventure was that I made an ornament for my sister and her husband as their Christmas present.  She knew I went glass blowing but did not know I made an ornament for them and since I wanted to share both here, I figured I would just wait a bit to share the experience as well!

So our bible study had decided that for the end of the year we wanted to get together to do a fun activity and thought glass blowing would be fun.  I have been dying to do it for years and thought I would have to go to Staunton to do it, but CJ's work did a work fun day at The Glass Spot right here in Richmond, VA!  What could be easier?

It was an awesome time, reasonably priced and an experience that was worth remembering!  All in all, the guys were very helpful, very efficient and so great to work with, I could not recommend the company any more!  

So let's see how this works out.  First off, they start with glass on the end of a metal pipe and begin forming it, then they pass it off to you to keep turning while you pick your colors and roll the ornament in the desired color!

Next they reheat and begin forming and let you blow the air that will inflate the glass while he is working to form the glass ball.

Sometimes you need a friend near by to help you blow the ornament too!

After the ornament is formed, then they put a dollop of glass on the top to make a circle that hangs the ornament

Then there is a period of about 48 hours for the ornament to cure.  This is the before picture of the ornament I made for my sister and her family, it is red and green, but looks much darker right then as to when it dries (see bottom picture).

The finished product:

They have all different ways to design the ornament, swirls, dots, waves, etc.  So the possibilities are really endless!  Let me know if you decide to check it out for yourself, actually better yet, just invite me along!!!

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