Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December happenings!

So the holiday celebrations started off with an annual trip to see the Collegiate School Pagent, where not one, not two, but 4 of my youth group girls (both past and present) were in the production.  It was nice to see them all.

Oh hello girls!

Carly as the Wise "man"
 Afterward, there might have been a drive through light display that CJ and I decided to check out!

Then to continue on with the fun of the holidays, I went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens to see the Festival of lights and grabbed a picture of this cute peacock:

In true holiday tradition, my G friends and I had dinner at Maggiano's.  Complete with delicious cocktails!

The man taking the picture, told us to "Strike a Pose" so we followed directions, at least some of us did!

The youth group did our annual white elephant gift exchange and I went home with the most awesome sponge bob/cat in outter space shirt that I wrapped up for Andy for Christmas and you know he loved it!

Then on Christmas eve, we celebrated Bon's birthday with dinner at home and then her and I went to service at church....
...I'll be following up soon with a Christmas post!  What have you been up to this very very warm December?

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