Thursday, December 3, 2015

Nephews, Football and Apples, Oh my!

This will be a brief, picture-heavy post because, really that is what you are all here for anything, right?  Josh has been traveling some for work, so one week while he was away, I took off a day and a half of work and headed down to Norfolk to spend time with these cuties:

of course I brought Banana Muffins!

"Lock up your daughters"
 We experienced a bit of rain, so the boys came fully prepared in boots, umbrellas and goggles, because why not?

While Corbin was at school on Wednesday, Tiffany and I headed to the mall with two very energetic two year olds who almost immediately took off running in opposite directions.  Seriously I don't know how my sister does it??!?!

It was a quite visit, getting up super early (read 5:30) Thursday morning to make it back to work in time.  After two quick work days, it was out of town once again, this time, I was headed West toward Blacksburg!
Quick stop at Bold Rock for the new IPA release-YUM!

The reason for the second trip back this year is cause our beloved Frank Beamer is retiring and I wanted to see his last home game.  It was great to see all the love for Beamer throughout campus and around town.

The game was at 12noon on Saturday, so we were up early, not to tailgate but to get some Slouvaki, because you know its my favorite!

Love the orange and maroon pansies!

Thanks Frank, by the Marching Virginians!

 After the game CJ and I met up with Amanda, Sarah and Kyle at Macado's in Radford.  It has been forever since I have eaten here but it was just as delicious as I remember it being.

Snuggles with one of my favorite little men!

 Sunday morning, we actually managed to sleep in a bit, and headed out to meet up with Kathryn and Tom for lunch in Charlottesville before hitting up Carter Mountain.
The apples were mostly all picked for us, so we did not get to actual pick any ourselves, but we did enjoy an apple donut and stocked up on apples before heading onto Richmond.  What a great few weeks this was, next up...Thanksgiving!

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