Friday, December 4, 2015

Turkey Time!

Thanksgiving!  A time of friends, family and food and boy did we get a good fill of all three over the long weekend!  Tiffany, Josh and the kids came to Richmond to celebrate Thanksgiving with us, but the preparations started way before Thursday.  

Tuesday was spent, baking cupcakes, making cranberry sauce and creating a brine for our Alton Brown Turkey.  

 I also managed to snag these adorable plates at Target and found this free printable for a utensil holder to make the table look that much more festive...

Garrett loved the plates and kept asking for his Turkey plate:

Delicious and flavorful Turkey:

While last minute preparations came underway, Josh, Maggie, Bonnie, and I stayed home, while Tiffany, CJ, Andy and Ryan took the kiddos to the playground to get them out of the house for about an hour!

Kid at heart!

They got back just in time for the full spread to be out and ready to eat:

Post dinner fun was spent watching TV...

 ..and attempting to get a family photo op

 somewhat successfully!

In true King family tradition, Bons got us ladies matching Christmas shirts:

And even more tradition happened the next day when CJ and I got up semi-early to hit up Black Friday sales:

Afteward we met up with Tiffany, Josh, and the kiddos at the Arc Park for some play time before heading home for lunch and naptime

During their nap, Auntie Lala made Banana Muffins, so when they awoke they got a nice surprise:

Thus concluding the Thanksgiving festivities.  Tiffany, Josh and the kiddos headed home Friday evening and Saturday was spent getting Christmas decorations up, then Sunday I was able to relax with a trip to Christmastown.  What have you been doing to get in the Holiday Spirit?  What was your favorite part about Thanksgiving?

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