Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Woodland Baby Shower

Erica and I decided to throw a baby shower for Sara, our old roomie!  Deciding on a theme was step number one and after pouring over Pinterest and Etsy, we landed on the cutest little shower theme ever--a Woodland Baby Shower theme!  So we were off on the planning stages.  Erica is like me with themes, but even better, so this was a fun duo to plan a shower together.

Acorn cookies:
Chicken Salad Rolls
Pinecone cheese ball:
Make your own Mimosa bar:
Apples and Dip:
Homemade Cupcakes:

The most adorable baby shower favors ever:

Smores Trail Mix:

Gift Table:
Woodland Water:

Oh Baby sign:

All in all, it was a super cute theme and even better than the theme was getting to reconnect with these ladies, became friends in 2001 and 14 years later we are still going strong!

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