Monday, March 6, 2017

What happened in the last year?

I had high hopes of publishing this exactly a year after my last post of February 23, 2016, but as it feels like life goes these days, I am running about two weeks behind schedule.  The last year has brought about some changes in my life, most notably, a marriage.  And what is even more exciting was it was mine!

Let's start at the beginning, shall we?  In April of last year, we got engaged:

Marc took me to one of our favorite parks near his house and after a walk along the path to the river, he proposed, it was a wonderful day and after the proposal, he had invited family and friends over for a cookout at his house to celebrate!  Thus started the 6 months that would lead to our wedding!  I had had so many friends warn of the anxiety and stress around the wedding planning process, but I actually loved most aspects!  It was so fun to anticipate the day when we would become husband and wife, my only wish would have been for a shorter engagement :)  

Then last October 22, we exchanged rings, said our vows and partied the night away with our family and closest of friends! 

Both of us are blessed with so many people who truly care about us that we had quite the wedding party:

I feel like we did a good job having a wedding that reflected us (from the BBQ, homemade desserts, photo booth, and dancing---we had a good mix of it all), and the Donut cake was just well the icing on the preverbal cake:

After a wonderful wedding day, we got a day to relax before we were off to Hawaii for a week for a wonderful honeymoon where we got to experience the Island of Maui--and it was simply beautiful!

We arrived back in Virginia the first of November and settled into married life, complete with a move by me to a city just south of Richmond and before we knew it, the holidays were upon us!  We enjoyed lots of family time over the holiday season and started off the first week of January with a hefty snowfall, followed by some birthday celebrations to round out the month. February brought about a super bowl party, a wedding out of state, and has brought out the worst of my sinuses (I am currently sick for the second time in less than a month).  Along with a husband, I also inherited a season pass for VCU basketball when we got married, so we have been enjoying all of the home games this season and are cheering on the rams for a spot into the NCAA tournament!

So there you have it, a years-worth of BIG updates in less than 500 words (yes I put it in Word to make sure).  What has been going on with you this past year?  Is anyone still even reading this blog?